Monday Musing (4.14.2014)

I’m sitting in my office on Monday afternoon, nearly 3:30pm in the afternoon, and still can’t get over what we’ve experienced recently as a church.  Wow!  Seriously?!  It’s rare, but I find myself near speechless…  Nah!

Here are a few thoughts that are bouncing around in my brain from yesterday:

  • The Campus: When I look around at our new Burnsville Campus, it never ceases to amaze me how many people have stepped up and helped to make our new worship space what it is – warm, inviting, exciting, relevant and so much more.  I’m blessed by the countless incredible volunteers who have absolutely poured it out for Jesus in an effort to make His name famous in our new building.
  • The Music: Yesterday was the first time we’ve experienced live music from a full band and it was nothing short of awesome!  Pastor Brian has done an outstanding job recruiting, training and leading musicians and vocalists, all in an effort to glorify the Name of God and in leading people to a place of reflection and adoration through music.  Image
  • The People: I serve the greatest church in Minnesota…really!  No, REALLY!!  I cannot imagine a more exceptional group of men, women and children to do life and ministry with.  If you’re reading this and you’re a part of Illumination Church, that means YOU!  What’s more is that I am so encouraged by how many new people God is drawing to IC.  I’m looking forward to our continued growth in life and ministry as we continue to be a church on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose.  
  • The Volunteers: From IC Kids to our Greeters and Parking Attendants and more, IC is blessed by the people who have stepped up to make our ministries possible; to make them what they are.  God is using the volunteers here at our church to help change the way people view God.  Thank you for those within Illumination Church who continue to step up and pour it out.  It matters!
  • WHYIC?: Talk about impact – our WHYIC? campaign is being seen far and wide.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share IC with our new community and beyond and to be able to engage people where they’re at, inviting them to partner with us in life and ministry and all of the reasons why.  From the tee-shirts to the invites, the black “goodie-bags” and more, I can hardly wait to see how God uses this campaign to reach people.  It’s going to be awesome!

This week I’m looking forward to:

  • Going to 2 services on Sunday morning.  We’ve added a second service and changed the times of our Celebration Services for convenience and in order to accommodate for the growth that we’re expecting as well as to allow our amazing volunteers an opportunity to serve as well as attend a Celebration Service without missing a beat.
  • Starting our new “The Power One” series.  It’s going to be phenomenal!  I’m so excited to kick things off this coming weekend in sharing about one of the most powerful numbers in existence: the number 1.  
  • Encountering Christ.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I’m looking forward to encountering Christ with the people of our church as well as with the people that will come and be a part of IC for the first time.  Looking forward to being a part of what God’s going to do this weekend.

So there you have it; some things that are bouncing around in my head on a Monday afternoon.  

I pray that you find encouragement in who you are in Christ.  I pray that God’s presence is both felt and in experienced in your life this week and that you others will see Jesus in you and me.  

Until all hear,

Pastor Andrew