Exciting news – New Hours!!!

Great news, church!  Summer is fast approaching, which means both better weather in addition to a change in our service times here at Illumination.  
We are kicking off our new service time this weekend.  Instead of 2 celebration serviceson Sunday morning, we’re going to move to 1 service at 9:30AM.  In the works is the possibility of a second service on Thursday nights kicking off some time in June.  We’ll absolutely give you more details as they become available.
Some of you might be asking, “Why the change?” and that’s a great question.  As a church committed to changing the way people view God and being real and relevant in reaching people with the light of Christ, we are working hard to reach our community for Christ.  We recognize that many, many people take off over the weekend’s for cabins or sporting events and more.  As a church, we want to be really intentional about meeting people where they’re at in and around our community.  It’s with this in mind that we have decided to move forward with a 9:30AM service on Sunday’s beginning this weekend in addition to working through the details of what a Thursday night service might look like.  We’re thrilled at the possibilities of reaching people for Christ who otherwise might not come due to scheduling conflicts on the weekends.  We are also pumped to continue to gather as a community on Sunday mornings for an incredible time of live music, refreshments, a life-giving, relevant, biblical message, our IC Kid’s ministry, our Jr. High gathering and so much more.
We look forward to the opportunity to worship with you and to experience life and ministry with you this weekend at 9:30AM!

Pastor Dan


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